Tree Service

At Ed Cook Tree Service we are able to provide you with a full service job including but not limited to:

Hazardous tree removal


Defensible Space and Best Management Practice (bmp's) removals



Lot clearing for new construction

Dump truck with bobcat on trailer


Crane removals

CRane attached to treeTree removal with the use of cranes has increased dramatically over the last 20 years for many reasons. The most important is that it is safer and faster. Secondly, so many homes, porches and patios have been built in such close proximity to large trees and are on relatively small suburban lots which do not allow for the felling of the trees. Lastly, some storm or wind fallen trees, as well as trees on steep hillsides can only be accessed by crane.  What ever the reason you need the use of a crane we hope we are your first choice as we are the only Lake Tahoe tree service to own a crane and have removed more trees than all other Lake Tahoe tree services combined.  We have 31 years of experience and have removed over 5000 trees with the use of the crane.

CRane with rockWe not only remove trees with the crane. We are also available to help with all phases of construction whether it is wood or steel, set landscaping materials and large boulders, place hot tubs and spa’s, lift concrete, drain rock, air conditioning and heating units, and assist with roof tear offs.


Our rates are competitive with out of town crane services but with much less travel time, ultimately saving you time and money

We are fully licensed and insured and all operators are properly certified.


Limbing or deadwooding

There are several reasons to trim trees, one of them being to satisfy your insurance company and fire department for fire safety purposes, another is for visual aesthetics.
We are able to remove all dead limbs from any tree as well as trim green limbs up to 1/3 the height of the tree for view enhancement or sun exposure.


Limb chipping

ChipperOur large modern Vermeer chippers are some of the best on the market.  With big diesel engines they can convert large piles of debris, including large branches and small trees into piles of woodchips, which we can leave for you to use as ground cover, erosion or dust control, or in flower beds to prevent water evaporation or we can haul it all away.  The chippers are very fast which saves us time and you money.

The number one reason why chipping of debris is so important is that it reduces the fuels for wild fire. The second reason is that it is better for the air quality than burning.

If you choose to have us haul away your woodchips be assured they will be used elsewhere for the above stated uses or may even be used for co-generation to make electricity.


Stump grinding

Stump grinderThere are many reasons why stump grinding may be beneficial for you. Some of those reasons are:

  • Increase parking and the use of other areas around patio and decks,
  • Reduces trip hazards around walkways,
  • Makes lawn mowing and lawn maintenance easier,
  • Reduces insect habitat,
  • Helps with resale of property,
  • Grinding the stump is much cheaper than digging them out and hauling them away,
  • Makes your property more pleasing to the eye thus approving the curb appeal.

Stump grinderWe have 3 stump grinders, 2 for smaller stumps in tight areas that will fit thru a 24 inch gate, and one large track mounted grinder which has very little ground pressure and increased mobility for steep hillsides.  The larger grinder will fit thru a 33 inch fence or gate.

We typically grind stumps 6 to 8 inches below ground level but can go as deep as 18 inches in some situations.

Stump grinding chips are the most desired for landscaping or ground cover since there are no leaves or needles

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