Snow Removal

Big tractor clearing snowAt Ed Cook Tree Service we are able to provide snow removal service for residential and commercial properties in the South Lake Tahoe area from late October to early April.  We use state of the art Bobcat snow blowers and large Caterpillar loaders as we feel these are the most efficient snow removal machines.

On your residential driveway we will stake any necessary areas to avoid damage and to protect your improvements.  The Bobcats are lightweight so they don’t do damage to the driveway, they are small, fast and maneuverable.  Because they blow the snow instead of push it they leave no piles of snow nor is there ever a snow storage issue.  Unfortunately, we do not have the man power to be able to shovel walkways, roofs or decks.  We accept a $250.00 deposit in October and then bill again in late April and will bill for each time we have plowed a storm that has left over 4 inches.

Small tractor clearing snowFor your commercial property we plow with a large loader for large areas and small loader for tighter areas. Also, we are able to come in after bigger storms and blow the snow storage areas with the Bobcat blower. We have over 30 years of snow removal experience, our equipment is well maintained, have spare equipment just in case, provide fast and efficient service and our prices are very competitive.


Please call for an estimate of your driveway or an inspection of the commercial property you would like to have plowed.